Wrap in Luxury: Ulivary’s Kimonos – The Perfect Gift, Always

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Wrap in Luxury: Ulivary’s Kimonos – The Perfect Gift, Always


Although the ‘holidays’ may be over, it seems like there’s always another one lurking around the corner, and sure enough, here comes Valentine’s Day!

And that’s why today, I’m taking you to the enchanting world of Ulivary, where you will find gifts that whisper “unique,” shout “luxurious,” and exude “sexy” and “comfortable” all at once.

What is Ulivary, you ask?

It’s the ultimate destination of the sexiest, silkiest kimonos you’ll ever encounter.


At Ulivary, you will find an exclusive collection of extraordinary kimonos, loungewear, and lingerie. From exquisite prints to luxurious materials, their designs embody sheer elegance and sophistication.

Trust me…

Every woman deserves a kimono that transcends mere clothing – it’s a statement, an expression of self, and an embodiment of comfort and style.

Like this Jungle Animal Kimono Robe, above, and below, which BTW, happens to be on sale.


Crafted from high-quality polyester charmeuse, this beautiful kimono feels buttery and looks sexy.

 The fit caters to most body types, it’s easy to care for, machine washable, and a cost-effective alternative to delicate silk. This robe is not just clothing; it’s a journey into ancient Eastern art, adorned with hand-painted Asian-inspired leopard prints.  

Perfect for a bridal party, a cozy night, a date night, or a beachside escape, this kimono is a versatile, elegant choice that makes for a splendid gift.

Next, we have the Short Kimono Robe in Olive, which is also on sale.


Made of high-quality polyester charmeuse, think lightweight for the summer, and as a layering piece for cooler months. Like all of Ulivary’s kimonos, they have a smooth and breathable texture that feels just like natural silk.

Visit the Ulivary website to see another favorite of mine, and to discover dozens of additional styles that you can either indulge in or gift for Valentine’s Day or any day. They also have gorgeous floral kimonos. I am sure you will love them!

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