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My Favorite Cookbooks – A Baker’s Dozen

baker's dozen cookbooks
I Read Cookbooks Like Novels. Above are Some of My Favorites!

Calling all cookbook-aholics! Yes, I admit it. I, Gwen Gottlieb, am a cookbook-aholic.  I love collecting cookbooks. Even though I’m online plenty, searching for recipes, there’s nothing like holding a cookbook in your hands. I read them like novels. I choose most of my cookbooks these days, focusing on healthier recipes from various food/lifestyle plans, such as Keto, Mediterranean, Whole 30, Vegan, Paleo, etc. because we like everythaannnng! 

And that’s just what I’ve given you here—a little bit of everything. With many of us cooking more meals at home these days, I wanted to share some of my favorite cookbooks with you – a baker’s dozen, to be exact. What is a baker’s dozen? It’s 13 instead of 12 – a little extra treat or bonus. 

I have something for everyone on this list. You’ll see. From slightly complicated to quick and easy, you’ll find books I’ve featured before on Instagram, and they are perfect for a shout-out here.

I hope you enjoy reading about these favorites. Bon Appétit!