Welcome to Shopping with Gigi!

This boutique is a new venture for me, and I’m so excited to bring you novelty gifts and items geared towards savvy, smart women.

Think sarcastic, funny, and relatable. Here, in my initial collection, you’ll find laugh out loud naughty cards, facial masks, coasters, tea towels, food items, fashion jewelry, beer bread mixes, and pouches – for everything from makeup to money and coupons.

Most gifts you find here are not on Amazon. The boutique features mainly women-owned, social good, small-batch shops with items either *made in the USA or completed in the USA (adding print, beading, etc). Fab way to support small businesses, women entrepreneurs, and our planet – don’t you think? (*If an item is not made in the USA but is irresistible, it will be noted on the item description.)

Oh – and why Gigi? Gigi is my ‘grandma’ name – and I thought, why not? Besides, you might even find the perfect gift for your grandbaby, niece, or nephew on here – perfect for spoiling little ones.

Stay tuned as we start bringing in new merchandise, and if you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see here, by all means, DM me – or better, yet, purchase some of the fantastic cards in this collection, write me a note, and mail it to me! (Clever, right?)

Please sign up for new product announcements and gwenliveswell blog posts – don’t worry – I won’t inundate you with too many emails – and help me get the word out about my new online boutique. I would genuinely appreciate it.

And now, please shop ’til you drop!

Ohhh! And PLEASE – when you pay through PayPal, please remit payment as a friend, so Shopping with Gigi won’t be charged any fees.

Happiest of holidays,


Gwen (AKA Gigi)