Shop French Kande Vintage Medallion Jewelry: Necklaces, Rings, and More!

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Shop French Kande Vintage Medallion Jewelry: Necklaces, Rings, and More!

So, here’s my story. I went from a woman who rarely wore necklaces to a blossoming fashionista addicted to not just necklaces but statement necklaces – statement jewelry. If you follow me on Instagram and Tik Tok, or Facebook, you’ve seen me sporting a variety of gorgeous statement pieces from French Kande. I seriously can’t get enough. I mean it.

If you haven’t heard of French Kande (What?? Where have you been?), I’m about to rock your world!

French Kande is a spectacular jewelry brand founded by Kande Hall in Los Angeles, California, and is known for unique and distinctive jewelry designs that combine vintage and modern elements. French Kande (FK) jewelry features medallions, beads, crystals, and chains handcrafted in the USA and made with semi-precious stones, pearls, and Swarovski crystals.

My Love Affair With French Kande and a Little Background

The Four Stranded Necklace can be worn doubled, like in the first picture, and as a single long strand, pictured here. Spiked Medallion Ring.

My love affair began when French Kande popped up on my Instagram feed. I quickly looked up the brand, and I think I was on the site for 40 minutes, minimum. Yours truly, the girl who barely wore necklaces couldn’t get enough of these unique designs.

And I’m telling you, I have NEVER not gotten a compliment on any one of my FK pieces. These pieces are total show-stoppers, from her rings and bracelets to her earrings and necklaces. I love that I can change a basic outfit into something special just by adding one (or more) of her spectacular creations. I’ve worn FK with everything from jeans and t-shirts to workwear, date nights, and black tie affairs.

About the Designer, Kande Hall

The Fabulous Kande Hall in Paris, 2022 (photo courtesy of Kande Hall)

Kande Hall, the founder of French Kande, grew up in Los Angeles. On a trip to France in 2009, Kande purchased a few medallions and brought them home to L.A. I’m sharing Kande’s story in her own words from the FK site.

Back in 2009, as I was wandering the backstreets of Paris – my favorite city in the world­­ – I happened upon these crusty, little medallions. So stylish and captivating, they were unlike anything I had ever seen. I purchased a handful for what I hoped would make nice gifts for friends and family back home. Little did I know, that day would change my life.

First let me say, I love pearls; with a pair of jeans and a tee or a cute LBD. Whether I’m out on the town or on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, nothing makes me feel more feminine. So, a few months after returning stateside, when I clasped an old medallion onto an opera length strand of pearls, something clicked…and that was the day French Kande was born.

Fast forward to present day and I’m living my fashionista dream. My jewelry is made in my home town of Los Angeles and carried in high-end specialty boutiques across the country. I’ve been fortunate enough to personally meet many of the women who purchase and wear my designs and I am humbled by their kind words and support. I am so blessed.

When I think about the future of French Kande, I’ve come to realize it’s not simply about making jewelry, it’s really about how beautiful a woman feels when she wears it.

What Else Makes French Kande Unique?

Despite the obvious – fabulous jewelry, FK is unique because all FK is handmade to order. And even better, you can make some of these pieces your own. For example, the necklace I share below, with the bee medallion and pearls, was created especially for me. YOU can change up medallions to make something just for you. This is what my necklace looks like on the site, but the medallion you see was switched out for the bee. So cool!

It usually takes about five business days to build your order in addition to shipping time. After your order is created and shipped out, you will receive an email with tracking information. And then, the anticipation builds as you wait to receive your FK in the mail. And I’m telling you – you can’t appreciate the beauty of these pieces until you open your FK box and peek inside. AMAZING!

Discover French Kande for Yourself

These two necklaces can be worn separately or together. Promise you’ll get compliments galore however you style them!
Lourdes Chain with Wiliam Miel Stack Medallion (with the bee)
The longer chain: Silver Pearls with X and Sword and Crown Pendant
Triple Austrian Crystal Ring (My ring is Moonlight Mix)

I’ve shared some of my favorites from my FK collection here, but I encourage you to peek at my other favorites. Let me know if you treat yourself or someone you love to something from the collection. And I appreciate you using any of my links to visit the site. Even if you buy something different, as long as you use one of my links to get in and browse, I’ll still get credit for your selection, so thank you in advance.

The last thing I’ll say – for now – is that French Kande Jewelry is not just jewelry. Each piece tells a story. Each piece is an investment; I promise you this; all of your FK jewelry will be the most worn items in your jewelry box. You’ll see. Just as you’ll be floored by the compliments you receive every time you wear something from Kande’s collections.

necklace and earrings
My newest additions! You can change the medallion to any available medallion – how cool! And you can also double the chain to shorten the necklace – it changes the whole look! And how about these Fluer pear hoop earrings?
(BLazer: Clara Sunwoo Liquid Leather – Use GWEN1o)

Which one is your favorite? (BLazer: Clara Sunwoo Liquid Leather – Use GWEN1o)

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Oh, and don’t forget, if you purchase something from this post, I may earn enough to buy a cup of coffee (tall) from Starbucks!
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