5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend in South Florida & Beyond

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5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend in South Florida & Beyond

BBQ in the backyard labor day weekend

Did you cancel your Labor Day Weekend plans? You’re not alone. People all over South Florida have nixed their plans because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s not just Floridians who are playing it safe this year. A new survey shows that 55% of Americans canceled their Labor Day weekend plans, and nearly half of them cite COVID-19 as the reason for canceling. Even those who are still planning to travel say that the pandemic has impacted their plans.

I think it’s safe to say that this Labor Day Weekend will be a weird one (just like this past year’s July 4th celebrations), although we all seem to have gotten used to this new weirdness in some ways. It has become the new normal.

Your travel plans may no longer exist, but that doesn’t mean fun can’t still be on the list!

Whether you’re just staying home or planning a small get-together with the family, there are plenty of things to do in South Florida – or wherever you call home. Lucky for you, I have some suggestions!

Here Are Some Suggestions for Labor Day Weekend Fun In South Florida:

1. Plan a Staycation at Home or a Local Resort

find a new park or trail on labor day weekend

Traveling has its benefits: new experiences, great food (hopefully!), and fun memories. But let’s be honest – traveling can also be exhausting. Skip the airports (whether they’re crowded or not) and traffic this year. Why not plan a staycation? Take time to enjoy your extra day off. Explore local places you’ve never before experienced.

You never know what hidden gem you may find right in your backyard. A new park, a walking or hiking trail, or maybe even a botanical garden or place to ride bikes – you really do never know! And if you do venture from home to explore locally – or within easy driving distance – remember safety first, and make sure to bring sanitizer, masks – you know the drill.

Of course, a staycation also means traveling to many of us, but the difference is not driving too far and checking in at a resort or hotel anywhere from a half-hour to three or four hours away. Let’s face it; it’s nice to have someone else make the beds sometimes, you know? So if that’s a thought, check out the lovely accommodations – from resorts to hotels to budget-friendly finds, you can find – even last minute, for Florida residents, right here.

2. Camp in Your Backyard

camp in your backyard labor day weekend

Speaking of backyards – this Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to give backyard camping a try. Pitch a tent in the yard. Maybe tell ghost stories or share fabulous family memories. Look at the stars. If you have a fire pit or chiminea, make s’ mores.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the great outdoors this weekend. And one significant benefit of backyard camping – all of your creature comforts are just a few steps away. (Hello, clean bathroom!)

Don’t forget all the fixings for a Labor Day Weekend barbecue in your backyard, if weather permits. Here are some delish suggestions – 50 classic cookout recipes from the Food Network.

3. Have a Movie Night – Indoors or Outdoors

movies over labor day weekend

Going to the movies may not be an option this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your living room – or backyard – into a movie theater. Whether you choose something on Netflix, HBO, or a local channel, the options are endless.

Load up on snacks, pick out some movies and enjoy some quality time together. A movie night is such a fun family activity. In addition, some theaters are offering home premieres that allow you to stream new releases right on your home television.

4. Indulge in Some Homemade Ice Cream

make some ice cream over labor day weekend

What better way to kiss summer goodbye than with some good old-fashioned ice cream? For an exceptional treat, try making your ice cream from scratch – it’s not as hard as you think. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy an ice cream maker if you don’t have one already. So here are some great recipes to try. These are yummy, too! And if you want to make popsicles, this tray is a great one.

Make it a family activity. Better yet, turn your ice cream-making into a fun math lesson. Talk about an excellent opportunity for the little ones to hone their counting and measuring skills.

The fun thing about making ice cream is that you can put whatever you want in it – and on it! Choose wacky flavors, skip the sugar, and add whatever toppings you want (no extra charge!).

5. Hit the South Florida Beaches

labor day beach fun

Most South Florida beaches are open Labor Day Weekend, which gives you and the family a chance to get out and soak up the sun. But, wear your masks, practice social distancing, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the beach before the sun sets on summer. As of right now, Miami, Palm Beach, and Broward County beaches will be open, but check the news before you venture out. Counties in South Florida are still yo-yo-ing with decisions on whether to stay open or close.

If you go the beach route, have a backup plan in case it rains. We love playing games!

For most of us, Labor Day Weekend 2020 is going to be a laid-back affair. But even if you’re staying home, you can still have a good time. Use these ideas to spice up your stay-at-home weekend.

What’s Open & Closed This Labor Day Weekend in South Florida?

south florida labor day weekend

Three Bonus Suggestions If You Are Kid-Free!

If you’re an empty-nester or someone else has your kids for the weekend, I love reading books for a great escape, and there are so many good ones I’m not going to recommend one in particular. So instead, google the best summer reads of 2020 and see what pops up.

A self-care spa day complete with candles, body scrubs, and your favorite wine is my other suggestion for a fab, stress-free day. I’ll bet you’ll feel like a new person in no time. It may be too late to look into these for the weekend, but for the next time you have a free day coming up, check out my fave candles, Nest, and my all-time favorite scent, one of my fave body scrubs, by Fresh.

Third suggestion? Shopping! These days I’m opting for online shopping. So check out some of my favorite places to shop here, and if you find anything wonderful, let me know!

Of course, you really can enjoy any of these suggestions with the kids around too, but let’s admit it’s a lot more enjoyable when you can carve out a few precious hours for just yourself. Ahhhh!

So that’s it—just a few suggestions for making Labor Day 2020 an enjoyable one. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to send it or recommend it to a friend – or fifty, lol! Thank you, and have a fantastic weekend!

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