All Things Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice for Fall

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All Things Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice for Fall

12 Ways to Ring in the Fall Season with Pumpkin Spice

Some people can’t wait for the fall season because that means booties and sweaters, leather jackets, and scarves. Don’t get me wrong – I love booties as much as the next gal (and I live in Florida!), but mention fall to me, and the first thing I think about is PUMPKIN! It’s officially pumpkin spice season after Labor Day for me. I love all things pumpkin spice flavored and everything nice, for fall. From delicious recipes to pumpkin products, such as candles and tableware, I have a thing for anything pumpkin spice.

As a matter of fact, feel free to call me Miss Pumpkin Spice.

Below I’ve listed six of my fave fall pumpkin recipes from recipe developers and chefs I think are fabulous and six of my fave pumpkin products. I mean, come on, what better way to celebrate the season than with pumpkin spice everything? Get set for pumpkin overload! And by the way, some of these products would make fantastic seasonal hostess gifts – just saying!

Ready, set, go pumpkin!

All the Fall Pumpkin Spice Flavors

Let’s start with the six recipes that you simply have to try if you are a pumpkin lover like me. From lattes and martinis to chili and curry, I’ve got you covered. I debated in sharing a pumpkin pie recipe and a pumpkin cheesecake as well, but I’m guessing by now you’ve got your favorites, so I tried to include recipes you may not yet have come across, and that I consider extra special, and actually healthy for you. No Swiss Miss or Starbucks Pumpkin recipes here!

1. Best Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte – Inspired Taste

pumpkin lattes perfect for fall

 Adam and Joanne Gallagher are the creators of Inspired Taste, and you have to check them out. Their easy pumpkin mac and cheese is on my list to try next! But let’s talk about lattes! Why spend a fortune on coffee house drinks when you can make your pumpkin spice latte right at home? It tastes better, and it’s better for you because you control the ingredients.

Look, I’m the first to tell you I adore a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice , or any pumpkin spice coffee, be it a latte cold brew, a caramel almond pumpkin spice flavored coffee, or just a plain cold brew, but being able to whip something up at home is better than getting in the car to drive to Starbucks – amIright?

For Adam and Joanne’s delicious flavored edition, all you need are a few ingredients to whip this up: real pumpkin, spices, milk (dairy or non-dairy), and some sugar (or a sugar substitute like Swerve). Top it with some whipped cream (also can be sugar-free) and a dash of cinnamon. It’s the perfect fall treat for a lazy Saturday morning. And yes, you can serve it with some Pepperidge Farm cookies, but I recommend the next pumpkin recipe, instead.

2. Paleo Pumpkin Muffins – Organically Addison

pumpkin muffins for fall

Need something to go along with that latte? Despite the long list of ingredients, these paleo pumpkin muffins by Addison, who is all about healthy, easy, and affordable, are easy to make. Addison is a phenomenal recipe creator who’s into Whole 30, Paleo, and using organic, wholesome ingredients in all of her creations. And while I love the limited edition Pumpkin Spice Cheerios that always show up around now, I’d much rather have these yummy muffins.

These muffins are fantastic. And with the streusel topping, you’ll never know that you’re eating something healthy. Ingredients like pumpkin puree, cinnamon, maple syrup, and almond flour truly create a taste of fall.

3. Pumpkin Pie Martini – All Day I Dream About Food

pumpkin martinis are perfect fr fall

The perfect dessert martini. These fun martinis, created by Carolyn Ketchum, are like pumpkin pie in a glass. They’re so easy to make, and you can easily adjust the ingredients to your taste. What I love about this recipe is that I can use Swerve or Pyure Organic Stevia (love these sugar-substitute versions – used them in my keto cocktails) as a sweetener and fresh aromatic spices.

Add some freshly ground pecans or almonds to the rim and some sweetener, and you have a delicious after-dinner treat. If you’re into low carb and keto, and healthy in general, check out Carolyn’s creations. I love how she makes lower carb versions of some of my faves. For example, in this recipe, Carolyn replaces creme de cacao (a sugary liqueur commonly found in drink recipes like this one) with dark rum. The result? You get the brown sugar yumminess of pumpkin pie without all the calories. 

4. Eggplant, Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry – Heavenlynn Healthy

pumpkin curry for fall

Curries are perfect for fall. They’re warm. They’re comforting. And if you do it right, they can be super healthy. I love all of the ingredients recipe developer Lynn Hoefer, the creator of Heavenly Healthy, uses in this recipe which first debuted in 2015.

This one-pot meal is everything you could ask for in a fall recipe. Chickpeas add plant protein and fiber. Pumpkin, bell pepper, eggplant and spinach kick up the nutrient profile. Spices and coconut milk add an explosion of flavor. Add Lynn to the list of recipe developers you must check out.

And because this is a one-pot meal, it comes together quickly. No muss, no fuss!

5. Turkey Pumpkin Chili – Salt & Lavender

turkey pumpkin chili for fall

Another hot dish and it’s fantastic! Natasha Bull is the brainchild behind this delish chili, sure to please everyone in the family. This warm chili has just a hint of pumpkin, making it perfect for picky kids – and adults – who may not be fans of pumpkin. Turkey is a great healthy alternative to ground beef, and you can mix and match ingredients however you see fit.

It’s one of those forgiving recipes that easily comes together for a great weeknight meal, and it also freezes well – if there are any leftovers! Natasha’s Salt & Lavender site is chock full of easy, favorite comfort foods, healthy options, and a few sweet treats.

6. Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup – Cookie and Kate

pumpkin soup for fall

Kathryn Taylor is the talent behind Cookie + Kate. Whole foods and vegan recipes are her jam. And speaking of jam, you must take a peek at Kate’s Easy Berry Chia Seed Jam – simply amazing! But let’s get back to soup! Creamy, flavorful and healthy, this pumpkin soup from Cookie and Kate is the embodiment of fall. It takes a little extra time (mostly hands-off), but it’s well worth the wait.

Freshly roasted pumpkin is the key to making this soup a success. Kate also uses coconut milk or cream, for extra creaminess. Save the pumpkin seeds to top off your soup and add a crunchy flavor. Oh, and BTW, Cookie is Kate’s one heck of a cute four-legged crumb catcher!

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice – Fave Fall Products

With so many pumpkin spice products from which to choose, where do you start? Check on Google and Amazon and Walmart and search spice flavor, spice products, limited-edition pumpkin, edition pumpkin, or edition pumpkin spice, and see what comes up. People are also searching for almond pumpkin spice, ice cream, spice coffee, spice-flavored cookie dough, spice marshmallows, cookies like Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin – you name it, they’re searching. And it’s not just for pumpkin spice marshmallows or Swiss Miss Pumpkin products.

People are also searching for non-food related pumpkin spice products. And I’m one of them!

Believe it or not, I am into other things besides food! I’m as big a fan of pumpkin products, from skincare to candles, tableware to makeup – yes, makeup, to potpourri, and more. Pumpkin mania is alive and well in our home! Is it an illness? An obsession? All I know is, I’m addicted, and I have no plans of getting any help to beat my addiction any time soon!

Sharing with you some of my favorites here, some of which I own, and some items that are on my wish list.

7. Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Enzymatic Dermal Resurfacer

I use the word love a lot – I know. But, I do love this mask! It’s fabulous! Just try it once, and I dare you to disagree. This pumpkin mask is a three-in-one skin resurfacer that exfoliates, peels, and visibly polishes. It’s fabulous for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin, and it helps with concerns over enlarged pores, dullness, and uneven skin texture. Plus, it smells incredible!!!

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Pumpkin Enzyme: Provides enzymatic exfoliation to help smooth skin’s surface.
– Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA): Chemically peels to help reveal younger-, radiant-looking skin.
– Aluminum Oxide Crystals: Polish skin’s surface to help improve the look of uneven texture.

Results with this mask are immediate, and I recommend using it once a week, or putting it in your monthly/weekly rotation with your other favorite masks.

8. Nest Pumpkin Chai Classic Candle

Nest pumpkin Chai fall candle
Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle

OK – full disclosure here. I’m a Nest Candle/fragrance fanatic – almost certifiable. It’s right up there with my pumpkin spice obsession. If it were a choice between paying the mortgage or supplying my Nest habit, Nest would win. Every. Single. Time. I love ALL the scents, but obsess over some more than others. The Grapefruit is refreshing, crisp, and perfect for the daytime. And the Moroccan Amber is literally like crack to me. I could go on about all the scents and fragrances, but let’s talk about the Pumpkin Chai.

Think a blend of wild pumpkin, spicy masala chai, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon and you’re on the right track. The very best of Autumn is a jar. This candle, all sizes – usually sells out, so don’t wait long!

These candles – all of them, are THE PERFECT GIFT. They are luxurious, sensuous, and, as I may have mentioned, addicting. I buy them like cans of tuna – six at a time, maybe more. I know – that’s not a pretty picture – now you’re thinking of tuna. Sorry! If you are new to the actual Nest site, I’d recommend ordering from there. New customers will get 10-15% off of their first purchases. If you’re a Sephora fanatic, you can also purchase there. Nordstrom’s was already sold out when I checked as of this past Monday.

9. Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced

pumpkin spice fall eye shadow palette
Pumpkin Spice Eye Shadow Palette

Just like it says on the Ulta site, “Capture all the sexy fall feels with Too Faced too cute Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette baked with 18 scented warm & spicy shades that wrap you in the cozy, sexy warmth of the season. Rich, creamy colors in a variety of finishes make transitioning your look from daytime dreamy to nighttime sultry as easy as pie!”

Gorgeous colors, whether you’re into pumpkin or not! These vibrant colors scream fall, and with the combination of matte and glimmer/shimmer, there’s something for every eye shadow lover included in this palette. It’s an extreme bargain at $49. With colors appropriately named Whipped Cream, Ginger Spice, Pumpkin Spice, and Fall for It, you know it’s all about fall.

Fall 2021 Update: There are only two left of this palette – that I found – here, but new this fall 2021 is this beauty!!

10. Harvest Spice Scented Potpourri – Pottery Barn

Harvest Spice Pumpkin PotPourri
Harvest Spice Potpourri

Take it from me, or take it straight from the Pottery Barn site, “Create a welcoming ambiance throughout your home with the layered fragrance notes of our Harvest Spice Potpourri, featuring the signature aromas of autumn, from cinnamon and nutmeg to pumpkin and vanilla.” This potpourri is a total winner.

A total mix of fall scents, and it’s worth the splurge at just under $40.00. Sometimes you need to go for it, and this is one of those times. I love Pottery Barn potpourri because the scents last forever. I’m talking a year or more, I have them in all of our bedrooms, and they are still fabulous! I have replacements on hand, and I haven’t needed them yet. Also fab from Pottery Barn is the Harvest Pumpkin Stoneware 12-Piece Dinnerware Set.

And don’t forget the Faux Modern Pumpkin Vase Filler, Ivory/Sage – bag of decorative pumpkins. They come In a range of soft tones, and I use them as decor throughout the house, as well as on my dining table to create different fall looks.

11. Heirloom Pumpkin Kitchen Linens Bundle by Williams Sonoma

pumpkin spice fall table linens
Heirloom Pumpkin Fall harvest Linens

I don’t know about you, but I love changing my table linens and kitchen items up with the changing of the seasons. Nothing says autumn or fall more than these fresh, 100% cotton linens from Williams Sonoma. I mean, how cute is that apron? And the oven mitts? I’m a glove person. Are you into the gloves or the mitts? Technically it’ a potholder and an oven mitt, but I use both, for, well – both!

Whatever you fancy, Williams Sonoma is one of my favorite one-stop shops for everything seasonal. From the Pumpkin Pecan Quick Bread & Spiced Pumpkin Butter (worth every penny! for a no-fuss, decadent family treat) to the pumpkin napkin rings, you’ll find it all at Williams Sonoma. Also, check out the Pumpkin Spice Classic 3-Piece Set lotion and soap dispenser. The scent is pumpkin-licious!

12. Poo-Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray Pumpkin Chai 2 Ounce, 2 Pack

Yup – that’s right! As the description says, “SPRITZ THE BOWL BEFORE YOU GO AND NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW-The Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that stops bathroom odors before they ever begin. Seriously! No more trying to mask odor already in the air.” If you haven’t heard of Poo-Pourri, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. This brand has saved many a marriage!

OK – maybe not actually saved a marriage, but it’s made a lot of people very happy! No more poopy smells to worry about when you spritz this in the toilet before you go! It’s true! It comes in all kinds of scents, and yup – Pumpkin Chai, too!

12 Fave Fall Pumpkin Recipes & Products

pumpkin pie spice for fall

So there you have it! My fave twelve – at least for right now. Who knows what I might discover next week! And yes, technically, I’ve shared more than twelve goodies, but as I mentioned previously, I am a pumpkin spice addict! If you get a chance, tell me your favorite pumpkin and fall seasonal products. I’d love to check them out.

Thanks so much for reading this and for being here. Please feel free to share this post and my site with friends. It would be very much appreciated!

This post contains affiliate links, but in no way affects your purchase price. Please know all opinions are my own. You’ll only find products here that I am familiar with and genuinely love.  All rights reserved.

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Check out some of my favorite blogger babes and see what they’ve got to share about the beginning of fall.

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    What a great post! I’m spending some time in cooler temps now and have already baked apple crisp, chilli and banana bread. It’s time for some pumpkin goodies. Going to be trying that chilli and martini. As a candle lover, may check out the Nest Pumpkin Chai Classic Candle. Happy Fall!

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    Gwen – I just started a low-carb diet two weeks ago I am definitely going to take a look at those muffins. Thanks for all the ideas for pumpkin spice

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      You are so welcome! xo

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      Let me know if you try the recipe! Thanks for reading!! xo

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    From one Miss Pumpkin Spice to another, yes to all things pumpkin! Autumn is my favorite season, and I’d have to say that pumpkin spice is probably one of the biggest reasons for that. I love your list, Gwen … there are several new-to-me pumpkin products and recipes that I now can’t wait to try.

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