Sugar and Kush CBD Does Not Make You Sleepy

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Sugar and Kush CBD Does Not Make You Sleepy

In full disclosure, I am a Sugar & Kush Ambassador. Not sure how long I’ll have this gig, but I can tell you that regardless, I only work with brands I believe in (truth), and Sugar & Kush is one of them.

First and foremost, the products work for me. And, contrary to popular belief, Sugar & Kush products do NOT make you tired. I’ve had many people ask me about this, which is why I wanted to set the record straight. What the products do, thankfully, is to help you relax, to feel less anxious, and to de-stress.

And that, my friends, is what makes it easier to get through the day (on those days you need a little extra help) or to go to sleep at night. Again, lovelies…. Sugar & Kush products do not make you tired. When I take my gummies or oils about 30 – 45 minutes before I go to sleep, they help me chill out, and feeling more relaxed is what lets me fall asleep (and stay asleep) more easily. And when I take them in the morning, it’s the same scenario – – they help me relax and focus so I can get my work done.

Sugar and Kush cbdSugar & Kush offers oils, gummies, cookies, bath bombs, and body scrubs, and I have yet to try everything, but I can tell you the oils and gummies are scrumptious! I always have several of these items in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and even my desk drawer.

As of this blog post, you can use my code GWEN15 for ANYTHING off the Sugar & Kush site. I’m able to offer this amazing discount to you because the brand is doing its part to make its products more affordable to those who need them – especially during this stressful time. The 30% code won’t be there forever, but while it is, feel free to take advantage and stock up.

If you do purchase anything, drop me a line or comment here. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Be well, be safe, and be kind.

This post contains affiliate links, but please know all opinions are my own. You’ll only find products here that I genuinely love.

Purchase Sugar & Kush products here. Use my code GWEN15 for 15% off anything!

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