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Keto-Friendly CBD

Sugar and Kush Gummies are keto-friendly and gluten free

Sugar & Kush CBD is Keto-Friendly

The answer is yes! It absolutely can. You know, it’s no secret I’m a Sugar and Kush ambassador, and there’s a good reason for that. Sugar and Kush CBD products work, and when I find a company whose CBD works, you can bet I’m going to become a fan. Whether you are following a ketogenic diet, a low carb diet,  or even trying to lose weight on a keto weight loss plan, CBD can help.

And while some may be into the CBD vape thing, or CBD drinks, or even CBD capsules, I prefer edibles. With that said, Sugar & Kush CBD gummies, cookies, and CBD oil products are the best. In the first place, the company puts out quality CBD that can keep you on your keto diet – and stay in ketosis. Secondly, it can keep your body ‘happy,’ and if you want to, even help you lose weight. And no, CBD does not make you sleepy.

Keto-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, 0 Sugar

Besides being keto-friendly, Sugar & Kush edibles are gluten-free and sugar-free. Not only that, but the edibles also are NON-GMO and made in the USA. I would call that a win-win for me. How about you?

CBD Oils, Drops, Gummies & Cookies are Keto-Friendly

And the CBD Bath Bombs Smell Delicious!

Sugar & Kush CBD oils, bath bombs and cookies

Now I’m not keto, but I am attracted to keto-friendly products because they usually contain no sugar. Likewise, they are naturally low in carbs. Furthermore, it certainly doesn’t hurt that there is no added gluten. For those people that are gluten intolerant or have sensitivities to gluten, this is a huge factor in which CBD products to purchase. As an aside, the company also makes bath bombs (pictured above), and body scrub is coming out any day!

CBD is Used for Many Conditions

CBD and hemp, which both come from the Cannabis plant, are used for a variety of health conditions today, such as inflammation and muscle pains. Similarly, they are also used to help with relaxation and to relieve anxiety and even weight loss. People are looking for products to improve their overall health and mental clarity as well (CBD helps with focus).

If you are using CBD or hemp oil or any hemp seed product, you already know it works. Of course, you’ve probably done your research about CBD for different ailments and conditions, I’ve done mine. In all honesty, I have tried several brands of CBD for various reasons, Primarily, I’ve used it for anxiety (especially during this Pandemic), and to help me concentrate when I work. For me, I have found that using oil CBD and gummies CBD products provides the calming effect I am seeking. I am not a fan of capsules CBD products at all.

Keto-Friendly CBD Cookies, Gluten & Dairy- Free

Sugar and Kush CBD cookies are keto-friendly, gluten and dairy free

One of my all-time favorite Sugar & Kush products are the cookies. So friggin delicious, and they don’t wreck my diet. When I purchase products – CBD or not, I always look at carb count and calories. These cookies, which come in three varieties and different strengths as well, are a staple in my Sugar & Kush cart. The chocolate chip cookies are 20 calories per serving.

How much do I Love the Cookies? Listen!

The gummies are fabulous, and the oils are spectacular, as well. I put the oils in my coffee. So many flavors, it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite. They even have an unflavored CBD oil, which is excellent if you don’t want to alter the taste of your drink or food. And don’t forget those bath bombs. I kind of wish I could eat them, they smell so delicious! Not kidding.

Are You Ready to Try CBD?

Let’s get to the reason behind this short but to the point post! As I mentioned in all transparency, I am an ambassador for Sugar & Kush; however, almost weekly, I’m approached by other brands to come on board and work with them. Even so, I choose to stick with Sugar & Kush because the products are the best I’ve come across, the customer service is excellent, and when they have sales, they are super!

Not sure when the next sale is coming up, however, I can tell you that for as long as I”m with the company, I will offer you my GWEN15 discount on the site.

You can use my code GWEN15 for ANYTHING off of SugarandKush.com.

Don’t Forget, Sugar & Kush is Made in the USA!

Sugar and Kush is made in the USA

A Quick Recap!

If you are dealing with insomnia, stress, anxiety, or if you need help relaxing or focusing on projects,  CBD may be the answer for you. I mean, with what’s going on in the world, who isn’t dealing with some of these feelings?

This post doesn’t explain all the benefits of CBD, but rather, I wrote it to share that keto-friendly, gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free CBD does exist, and you can find it at SugarandKush. And don’t forget to use GWEN15!

This post contains affiliate links, but please know all opinions are my own. You’ll only find products here that I am familiar with and genuinely love.

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