5 Ways to Style a White Button-Up Shirt

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5 Ways to Style a White Button-Up Shirt

Grayson Hero - Washed Cotton Solid
Grayson Hero – Washed Cotton Solid

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll more than likely notice I wear an awful lot of button-ups. I love them! But while I’ve got them in all colors, patterns, and combos, to me, a white button-up is the perfect shirt of all shirts to own. It’s one of the most versatile tops you can have in your wardrobe. After all, you can pair a white button-up with anything, whether it’s a formal or casual occasion. My white button-ups are staples in my closet, and there are dozens of ways you can wear this classic shirt. In this post, I’m sharing five ways to style a button-up shirt. Woo hoo!

What to Look for When Choosing a White Button-Up

First of all, let’s set the record straight. Is it button-up, or button-down? Is there even any difference?

In an interview for MarieClaire.com, button-up fashionista and founder of Grayson, Audrey McLoughlin, explains: “Technically speaking, a button-down has a collar with an extra set of buttons. It’s a [term that came from men’s clothing] because they would put their ties through the button-down collar.” “I call my pieces a button-up because the placket buttons up, but it doesn’t infer that there is a button-down collar. Women tend to use the term interchangeably, but in the men’s world, they’re distinct.”

OK, so does that clear things up? LOL, I’m not sure, but in any event, let’s get to what to look for when choosing a white button-up and five ways to style a button-up shirt.

Grayson Hero - easy-to-wear linen
Grayson Hero – Easy-to-Wear Linen

When You Shop for a White Button-Up, Consider the Following:

  • Style: Collared, V-neck, pocket, no-pocket – there are many different styles of white button-ups. Figure out which type will help you create the look you want.
  • Comfort: Whether you’re wearing it to work or for a night out with the girls, your button-ups should be comfortable. I prefer my shirts to have a slight stretch so that I can move around with ease.
  • Fit: Do you want the shirt to be loose and flowy or form-fitting? A looser fit is ideal for creating that effortlessly chic casual look. A tighter fit will create a more formal look that’s great for date night or work. When you want a looser fit, take your favorite shirt in one size larger.

Find a versatile shirt that you can dress up or down for any occasion. My personal go-to brand for white button-ups is Grayson. There’s a reason I’m a brand ambassador. Grayson shirts are comfortable, chic and come in various styles to mix and match with virtually anything in my wardrobe.

Why Grayson Button-Ups?

If you know me, you know I am a huge supporter of female-owned businesses. Of course, that’s not the only reason I am a Grayson fan, but it does make me happy knowing I’m supporting Grayson, its philosophy, and its philanthropic efforts. Grayson gives 2% of its revenue to female-led causes, including The LA Downtown Women’s Center, One Fair Wage, and Uncommon Threads.

And those are several excellent reasons explaining why I decided to become a brand ambassador for Grayson, as well as a customer. In total transparency, this is an unsponsored post. I do purchase these shirts for myself. That’s how much I love them. I mean, come on! You’ve gotta love a brand with strong values, and women leaders who strive for perfection.

As it says on its site, “Audrey McLoughlin (founder) has spent the last decade obsessing over the button-up. She founded Grayson to bring a perfect-fitting shirt to a new wave of women who are re-writing the rules and changing our world for the better.” Anyone who obsesses (healthily) over something they’re passionate about is someone I can absolutely relate to.

Need Another Reason as to Why Grayson Button-Ups are my Go-To? Boob Gap!

No boob gap with Grayson
Look Ma – No Boob Gap!

Audrey took the time to get-together 30 women and actually used their measurements to create The Hero Button-Up. “It’s one unique style that actually fits—with strategically placed buttons to banish that pesky boob gap and a longer backside for ultimate coverage and comfort.” Ladies, come on – you know what I’m talking about! Pesky boob gap! Begone, I say!

And now, my favorite Grayson shirt –

THE HERO – Grayson’s Signature Button-Up

Grayson’s Hero button-up is the brand’s signature style, and it’s available in 9 fabulous soft fabrics.
It really is the perfect shirt for any occasion, day or night.

5 Ways to Style a Button-Up Shirt

See 5 Ways to Style a White Button-up Shirt

1. With Denim

Grayson Hero - Liquid Lyocell (right), Tissue Cotton (left)
Grayson Hero – Liquid Lyocell (left), Tissue Cotton (right) Like the boots? Sarah Flint, also a woman-owned business.
SARAHFLINT-BAGWENG for $50 off your first pair.

White button-ups and jeans are a match made in heaven. Both can be dressed up or down for a casual look or a night out on the town. These days I’m almost always at home, so the casual looks above are my go-to. Even when I go to my office, I just swap my jeans for slacks and maybe a blazer, and I’m done.

Pair your shirt with any wash of jeans – light, dark, whatever you fancy, and a pair of booties for coffee with the girls or even an afternoon at home, barefoot. Add a layered necklace, replace the booties for heels, and tuck the shirt in all the way for date night with the hubs.

2. Under a Blazer

Button-up with a blazer

A white button-up is a staple in any wardrobe, as I mentioned, and when it comes to work attire, it’s perfection. Whether it’s with a blazer and slacks or a skirt, a white button-up says I’m professional, I’m in charge, and I’m a boss-lady.

Go with a more fitted shirt if you’re going to pair it with a blazer. A tighter fit will create a more put-together, clean look. Use your best judgment based on your work culture and dress codes.

Of course, you can always wear a blazer outside of work for a casual-chic look that’s perfect for any occasion. I LOVE blazers!

3. With a Skirt

Button-up with skirts

Not sure what blouse to wear with your favorite skirt? No matter the color or pattern of your skirt, a white button-up shirt is a perfect choice. From maxis to midis, pencil skirts, and everything in between, the classic white shirt goes with any skirt.

Wear it loose, semi-tucked, and partly unbuttoned for a casual look, or tuck it in and buttoned all the way for a business meeting.

4. Over or Under Your Favorite Tops

Grayson Hero - Feathered Flannel (right)
Grayson Hero – Feathered Flannel

White button-ups are great for layering. For the perfect winter outfit, wear it under a sweater for a preppy look. In fall or spring, try it over a crop top or cami for a trendy look. I mean, white tops add contrast and pair well with any other color top, don’t you agree?

5. With Shorts

Button-ups with shorts

For a more put-together summer look, pair your favorite shorts (khaki or denim) with a white button-up. Grayson Linen and cotton shirts are excellent spring and summer choices because they’re breathable, light, and comfortable. Wear it half-tucked and partially unbuttoned for a chic casual look, and wear hats and sandals to complete your outfit.

And There You Have It!

Five ways to style a button-up shirt! I do hope you enjoyed this post. It was a fun one for me!

If you’d like to give any Grayson shirt a try – white button-up or not, use my code GWENGOTTLIEB for $25 off any shirt, including sale shirts. Here’s the site!

Thanks so much for reading this and for being here. I’d be so appreciative if you’d share this post, my site, and boutique with friends. Take a quick sec and email this link. And sign up yourself if you haven’t already! (Maybe someone emailed you this post!) Just takes your email address, and you’re in!

Oh, and don’t forget, if you purchase something from this post, I may earn enough to one day buy a cup of coffee (tall) from Starbucks! Which reminds me!
Please stop by Shopping with Gigi. Even though Valentine’s Day may be over, last I heard, heart necklaces were in style all year long. Wouldn’t one look fabulous with a Grayson button-up? Just sayin’!
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      Thank you, Nancy!!

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    Jessica A Jannenga
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    Great post Gwen! I love the outfit you are wearing with the white shirt! The red blazer is so eye catching! These are great tips! I have one classic one and some other white button downs with details for Spring. A must have, right?
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

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      Boob gap is such a real thing, lol!! Thank you!

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      Thanks, Julie! This was a fun post!

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      Gwen Gottlieb
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      So many different ways – I just included my top 5!

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    nancy weiss
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    Hi Gwen,
    Great tips on styling the most practical piece of clothing a woman can have hanging in her closet!

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      It really is such a staple!! Thank you, Nancy!

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    Gwen! You look amazing in all your outfits. This staple will never go out of style! Keep styling it. I love it!

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    Barbie Holmes
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    Hi Gwen! I love Grayson button-ups, too, and how easy they are to layer. Thank you for the valuable tips on styling a button-up. I’ll be using them!

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      Thanks for reading, Barbie! They are the best!

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    These shirts look great on you, and there are so many ways to wear them! Such a perfect closet staple!

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    It’s a classic for a reason, right??
    I love all of these ways and even more!!

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      Jodie, you would be amazing at styling a white button-up! I love watching your style reels!

  • Reply
    Shelbee on the Edge
    April 14, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Great post, Gwen! I am a big fan of button down tunics! And I use button down simply because I always button my shirts from the top down! I know that is not the distinction in the two phrases but it’s my own personal distinction! I don’t button anything from the bottom up, so I never use the term button ups! Haha. I really love your first outfit. The red blazer and trousers combination is magnificent! Lots of great button down tops as well!


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